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The best experience of purchasing tickets on the market, no less! Here are our policies If you can not find the information you need here, please consult the FAQ section that contains a wealth of information about TicketRoute.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions or additional information.

  1. Refund
    TicketRoute.com offers a complete refund up to 30 days before event. Exception: no refund for e-tickets.
  2. Price
    Our ticket prices are guaranteed as of the moment you confirm the purchase. However, the price of a ticket may fluctuate, considering the demand for such a ticket can vary. This, however, will not affect the price that was confirmed to you at the moment of purchase.
  3. Purchase with credit card
    Any credit card purchases are subject to our own terms and conditions. Any fraud or attempted fraud shall be prosecuted under law.

The tickets can be delivered via XpressPost or FedEx. Cost of delivery will be assumed by the customer.

Ticket lost or stolen

Please keep your tickets in a safe place. A ticket may not be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged. You are to assume every responsibility in regards to your tickets.

Event canceled

If an event is officially cancelled, we will reimburse the total amount you paid for your ticket, exception made for the delivery charges. The ticket must be returned to our office within 21 days following the announcement of the event’s cancellation. We suggest you use a confirmed delivery service when returning such tickets in order for you to have proof of delivery.

Tickets for an event which is postponed or rescheduled will not be reimbursed nor will we offer reimbursement for an event you are unable to attend.

Location, date and time of event

It is your responsibility to acknowledge and verify the time, date and location of the event written on your ticket. We are not, in any case, responsible for a change in that matter. We suggest you check with the establishment presenting the event if changes are scheduled.

Limitation of our responsability

We are not responsible for any transportation, or any other factors, delaying your arrival to an event. We are not responsible, in any circumstance, of possible hindering situations or actions by the crowd during an event.